Fight stupidization.

Ignorance is not a virtue

Remember when you were introduced to 1984 in high school (the George Orwell novel, not the Van Halen album) and thought the concept of Newspeak was a fictional contrivance? Yeah, about that.

Seems we’re in a dim age where fact is considered opinion, and opinion is presented as fact. Where the lowest common denominator has become more common. Where thoughtfully gathering information to make a reasoned decision has been replaced with memetics.

For some, ignorance has become a virtue, and people are wearing their stupidity like a badge of honor. But not us. We’re fighting back against the dumbing and dimming of society by weaponizing our intellect. Staying on task. And never, ever feeding the trolls.

This is how we do it

A non-exhaustive list of ways to fight or feed stupidization

Please do

Pay attention.

Read the whole thing.

Know the issues.

Turn off your knee-jerk reflex.

Ask questions.

Separate the signal from the noise.

Weaponize your intellect.

Be heard.

Show up.

Please don’t

Get distracted.

Just read the headline.

Pontificate, bloviate, or verbally defecate.

Feed the trolls.

Think you know everything.

Fall for clickbait.

Be entertained by your own outrage.

Sit on the sidelines and hope this blows over.

Give up.

Want to join the fight?

The sticker is free. The rest is up to you.

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